Reliable, effective electrical systems provide for productive and comfortable environments.

Electricity powers thermal comfort systems, lighting, computers, elevators, security and safety systems which we depend on. Our goal is to engineer solutions that ensure facilities safely and effectively powered with future costs and needs in mind. Our professional engineers are insightful about applying the latest technologies, design practices, standards and renewable energies that can keep your costs and your carbon footprint low. Throughout the design process, we listen and collaborate with building owners and administrators so that systems are designed with flexibility to accommodate growth and change for the useful life of the building.

  • Power coordination
  • Power quality and harmonic analysis
  • Short-circuit and load flow studies; protective
  • Security Systems
  • Electrical Writing Schematics
  • Electrical Site Planning
  • Control Circuits
  • Power Systems Design and Distribution
  • Fault Current Coordination Studies
  • Sub-Metering and Power Monitoring
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