We can help turn your sustainable goals into long-lasting value that enhances the community and your bottom line.

LEED Administration

MPW Engineering provides sustainable consulting and engineering services that help reduce ownership and operational costs and reduce a building’s overall environmental impact. Our engineers are trained and accredited on implementing the recognized standard for green building, LEED. Green building techniques not only help provide for a building’s high performance, they also help improve the overall safety and comfort of its occupants. Green buildings are more productive for their users, more valuable strategic assets for their owners, and more widely recognized and appreciated by local communities.

LEED uses separate measures to that determine a building’s degree of “greenness” including: 1) sustainable materials and resources used during the construction and operational phases, 2) energy and atmosphere to monitor the use of resources in the building, and 3) indoor environmental quality for safety and comfort of the occupants and 4) Use of innovative technologies and solutions. These standardized, recognized measures are indicators of how your building will operate and perform.

Considering that HVAC alone consumes 50% of a commercial building’s resources, it’s vitally important the MEP engineers are trained and recognized for their expertise employing best practices and compliance with recognized sustainability certifications and standards. To meet these increasing demands for LEED related services, MPW employs a staff of LEED Accredited engineers who are comprehensively trained to advise our clients to oversee and manage the LEED Administration (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design.

LEED Consulting and Sustainability Consulting Solutions:

  • Energy modeling to anticipate resource demands including BIM
  • Alternative power systems recommendations
  • Innovation in design through new technologies
  • Managing an integrated LEED development process
  • Determining outcome performance measures
  • Knowledge resources for innovations and evolving standards

We provide consultation, guidance and complete project management to ensure that your project meets LEED standards that have been certified by the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC.) Our accredited professionals can provide guidance ranging from energy efficient design to complete LEED project administration. Our engineers are experienced in anticipating energy demands, defining performance requirements of a potential new structure, and retrofitting facilities.

We partner with you in LEED administration so you can reach your goals through a variety of sustainable consulting services including: building information modeling (BIM), energy auditing, LEED administration consulting, renewable energy, sustainable energy engineering and sustainable planning. We also offer consultations on projects designed by other MEP engineers, in order to make them as sustainable, energy efficient and environmentally conscious as possible. Our LEED Administration expertise has taught us that each project can achieve significant energy savings through thoughtful decision making and allocation of resources.

Through our knowledge base of LEED administration, we can help turn your sustainable goals into long-lasting value that enhances the community and your bottom line.

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