Lufthansa Technik Expansion - Tulsa International Airport

Tulsa, OK


The Lufthansa Technik project at the Tulsa International Airport was an expansion of their 35,000sqft hanger 30 test and repair facilities into the 30,000sqft hanger 29. The new facilities consist of shops for commercial aircraft pneumatics, escape slides, oxygen bottles, and other component parts and instrumentation. The electrical power and HVAC designs required an understanding of the specialized manufacturing equipment.

Humidifiers were designed and specified for the supply ducts to ensure that humidity levels do not drop below critical points required for proper functioning of the equipment. Most of the instrumentation uses 400 Hz power from a motor generator set, which presented sizing and calculation challenges. Fire protection utilized a clean agent system to protect the equipment and avoid water damage in the event of a fire.


Lufthansa Technik Expansion – Tulsa International Airport


Tulsa, OK